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The North East Bioregional Network supports a consistent ecologically based approach to conservation as so beautifully expressed by Aldo Leopold

“Conservation is a state of harmony between humans and the land. By land is meant all the things on, over or in the earth. Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend, you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left. That is to say, you cannot love game and hate predators; you cannot conserve the waters and waste the ranges; you cannot build the forest and mine the farms. The land is one organism" Aldo Leopold in THE SAND COUNTY ALMANAC

Presently in Tasmania we have farmers opposing plantations but at the same time also opposing land clearing legislation and supporting large scale dams (e.g. Meander Dam) and the continued use of 1080 poison. We have the fishing industry opposing the pulp mill but also fighting Marine Reserve proposals. We have the aquaculture industry complaining about the impacts of forestry and the fact that forestry is exempt from the Land Use Planning Act (LUPA) yet the aquaculture industry is quite happy to also be exempt from LUPA and allow feral species such as Pacific Oysters and Atlantic Salmon to escape and ruin the marine environment.

We have the tourism industry supporting large-scale resorts and residential developments all over Tasmania’s coastline but at the same time promoting Tasmania’s coast as isolated and pristine. Numerous Reserves in Tasmania are not protected from mining exploration and development. The conservation movement’s response to these problems has often been inconsistent and opportunistic and based on short-term alliances with various interest groups/industries who do not have the best interests of nature at heart.

One of the main reasons for forming the North East Bioregional Network was to promote a long-term and consistent nature ethic based on an understanding that all of nature is important. Our key purpose is to develop and implement the Linking Landscapes vision in North East Tasmania. The basis of that vision is to:

  • Increase the amount of dedicated Conservation Areas in North East Tasmania.
  • Improve connections between the Coast and Hinterland areas.
  • Increase Conservation Covenants and Land for Wildlife registration to improve connectivity on private land between Conservation Areas.
  • Access funding for restoration work and weed/feral animal control
  • Ensure management of public and private land maintains and improves ecological values.

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